I happen to like multi-coloured pens

I happen to like multi-coloured pens. The ones where you have a choice of colours to write with.

I use them when mind mapping on paper. Different colours to highlight different branches of a map. Easy!

I have used some very expensive versions which are well balanced, write very nicely, look very stylish, but you feel a big pain when you lose them or put them in the wash. They usually stop working after being through the wash. You can’t select colours, if you can get them to work at all.

I recently lost/misplaced another expensive multi colour pen. Let’s face it. That is the fate of almost any and every pen I have ever owned. They just don’t stick like you want them to.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on another expensive pen that I know I’m going to inevitably lose, so today I went searching for some viable, affordable, alternatives. I found quite a few and none over $5.00 and most under $2.00. I managed to get a selection of five pretty decent pens, as far as writing experience goes, for under $15.00.

You can even choose between fine and medium points. I prefer medium which is around 1 mm. Fine is 0.7 mm.

They are not going to win the fashion stakes. However, they write well and I won’t lose sleep or fret if I lose one or two every now and again because the most I am going to spend to replace them is $5.00. The five dollar version has seven colours, easily identified through its clear body. It is a bit chunky but readily usable.

I may not be making a fashion statement but I will save money. Somehow that makes me feel a lot better. I must be getting old.

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