Testing Blogsy and other trials

I'm testing some blogging and micro blogging tools to improve my writing workflow and content. Buffer is a great tool for scheduling posts and you can use it for a quick note to Facebook and Twitter.

I just bumped into a new version of an old tool I used to use; now called, Radio3. It is good for a quick blast to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.

I am also testing a more writing focused tool called Desk PM which is good for content creation, editing and posting to multiple platforms; Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace etc. You can write once and then post to multiple blogs or pages at once. That also has its place.

My goal is to start writing longer pieces than just your usual Twitter or Facebook utterances.

I also use mind mapping software to help keep my ideas ordered. I have used Mindjet for years but their Mac offering is lagging behind their Windows version. I've started using MindNode on the Mac for quick and lean mapping. I still use Mindjet for Windows whilst running Parallels. You can't beat it for features and ease of use. I hope they will bring the Mac version up to speed so I don't have to use Parallels. I can live in hope.

In the mean time I want to focus on better reading and better writing.


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