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Hare Krishna Valley Spring Cleaning

The troops have been working on the hot house getting it ready for a spring planting. Beds dug over and topped up with compost. Old plastic stripped with new cover on its way. $500 for a big roll of plastic. … Continue reading

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Dream of Mine

Here’s a dream of mine. I’m not sure if I’m in love with the idea or the reality of cycling this route in one day. Port Augusta to Quorn, then to Wilmington and back around to the Port! Six and … Continue reading

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Kīrtana Noise – what’s healthy? What’s not!

ISKCON News: Kirtan Sound Engineers Raise Awareness About Harmful Sound Levels [Article] The first step is to reduce the number of instruments. In many kirtans, devotees spontaneously pick up instruments no matter how many are already in session. But Dvija … Continue reading

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Testing Open Live Writer

This may be a bit wonky because my system is running low on ram. Open Live Writer is a bit clunky. It is taking a lot longer to open and draw the screen which may not be its fault. I’ve … Continue reading

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We are now in Australia…

We are now in Australia and I am very glad to report to you that everything is going extremely well here, and I am much satisfied with the progress being made in western countries like Australia. Now in India you … Continue reading

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