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Janmāṣṭamī — all systems go!

There was a lot happening at the temple this morning in preparation for Jhulana Yatra which starts tomorrow, Balarāma Purnima which is on Thursday, and is the end of Jhulana Yatra, and Janmāṣṭamī which is Saturday week. Chandeliers getting their … Continue reading

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LA Ratha Yatra August 2019

Here’s a very enthusiastic appreciation of the Ratha Yatra recently celebrated in Los Angeles. The gentleman who created this video is unknown to the devotees apparently. You’d hardly pick it! Well, apart from the fact that he jumbles the mahā-mantra … Continue reading

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This is how Melbourne feels today.

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8th quality of a devotee

kāmair ahata-dhīrkāmaiḥ — by material desires; ahata — undisturbed; dhīḥ — whose intelligence his intelligence is never bewildered by material desires a devotee never sacrifices his auspicious position of steady intelligence, even in the face of so-called material opportunity ŚB … Continue reading

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What is consciousness? It is the effulgence of the soul. It is like the illumination of a lamp. The soul has illumination. That illumination is consciousness. Adapted from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam lecture 7.7.22-26 March 10, 1967 San Francisco

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