PC Update

I whipped into town this morning to see if I could find a USB Easy Transfer cable. Officeworks didn’t have anything. The two shops I thought might have them and which are easily accessible were both closed. I was scheduled to drop into see my Ayurvedic doctor to pick up some medicine at one but he was busy so I took a punt on Dick Smith’s off Elizabeth St in the busiest part of town. Not a choice I took lightly because even on a Sunday the city is super crowded with Christmas shoppers and bumper to bumper traffic.

I was pretty chuffed when after heading down Bourke St and turning left into Elizabeth St., choc full of traffic, I noticed a gentleman walking alongside the parked cars on the left with keys in hand. I quietly prayed to myself that he was going to hop into one of the cars parked there and wacko, that’s exactly what he did! I was home and hosed. Fortunately Dick Smith’s had the USB Easy Transfer Cable that I was after. Now I can extricate some files off Acintya Rūpa’s old computer without too much hassle.

Was Kṛṣṇa looking after me or did I get the benefit of my good karma?

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  1. Sitapati Das says:

    Param Satya prays to “the parking fairy” for car parks. She says that she doesn’t want to bother Krishna with that stuff…. 🙂

  2. “Was Kṛṣṇa looking after me or did I get the benefit of my good karma?”

    I think of these as the same thing.

    Wacko the diddly oh


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