Dream of Mine

Here’s a dream of mine. I’m not sure if I’m in love with the idea or the reality of cycling this route in one day. Port Augusta to Quorn, then to Wilmington and back around to the Port! Six and a half hours, or thereabouts, according to Google. I’ve chosen some back roads which should be safer given there shouldn’t be much traffic on them. There are plenty of hills. It’s a 495 metre climb to the highest point just outside of Wilmington which would be a tad over 80km into the ride. That gives me plenty of time out in the bush and farmland to contemplate the meaning of life.

The real challenge will be putting in the effort required to be fit enough to go the distance. The logistics of riding that far are also a challenge. I’ve ridden from Port Augusta to Quorn and back on a few occasions. I was pretty tired after doing that. Going the extra forty km is not going to be easy.

These are roads I’ve driven on as a teenager with my family and later with Acintya Rūpa on visits to Port Augusta over the years. The Aussie bush is barren out here. It’s marginal land just above and below Goyder’s Line.

Goyders Line in the mid-north of South Australia.

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