Early to rise

IMG_2450I got up earlier than usual this morning. I aim to get up earlier tomorrow. My favourite time of day is the morning when I can chant rounds with the devotees at the temple. There is no better feeling in the world. It is the proper use of time which is usually wasted sleeping.

It is hard to drop work and avoid distractions in the evening and at night. Staying up late at night is the biggest killer of a strong and nourishing morning program. Avoiding dropping work, at the right time, is another time and energy sapper. It boosts the late night time wasting.

Mathurā Manohara Prabhu gave a nice class this morning. He mentioned the influence of evening and night.

As early morning is the period for spiritual cultivation, the beginning of evening is the period for passion. Demoniac men are generally very fond of sex enjoyment; therefore they very much appreciate the approach of evening. SB 3.20.29

Wasted time at night sabotages a strong, early morning program. The best use of early night is to chant, read and rest so one can rise early for spiritual cultivation.

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