Last few hours in Bali

I’m looking forward to hopping on the plane tonight. It will feel good to be back home with Radha-vallabha and the Melbourne devotees. We’ve had a busy but productive stay in Bali. The hospitality of the devotees is always good but here it has been exceptional. We had a very quiet apartment and meals were delivered every day.

This was my fourteenth presentation of the ISKCON Disciple Course. It was different; being the first time I have taught a group for whom english is a second language. The Teacher Training Course One was trickier because I am still a novice in teaching it. I need to roll it out in a few Australian locations before teaching it elsewhere. After presenting a workshop series a couple of times I gradually get the hang of it, especially after adding all the course lesson plans and notes into my presentation slides; that’s a goal for the next six months.

One course that would go down very well here in Bali is the Founder Ācārya series. We need to bring the devotees of ISKCON together by increasing their appreciation of who exactly our Founder Ācārya is, and what he exactly has done for us.

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