Hope for the Spiritual Struggle

Some very supportive and encouraging support from Krsna via Ravindra Swarupa Prabhu’s article on Dandavats; Rolex or Bolex?

“This is why I was happy, on that Saturday in Queens, to be able to recall Krishna’s words to Uddhava. Here (Bhagavatam 11.20.27–28) Krishna describes His devotee who is still struggling with the senses. The practitioner is committed to the path: His faith in the process of devotional service has been awakened (jata-sraddho mat-kathasu), and he is disgusted with all materialistic activities (nirvinnah sarvakarmasu). In fact, he knows very well that sense gratification of every kind has only suffering to offer him (veda duhkhatmakan kaman). Nevertheless, when it comes to giving up sense enjoyment, he finds himself unable (parityage ’py anisvarah)…

…What, then, should one in such a difficult position do? In this case, Krishna goes on to say, the devotee should continue in his worship and remain happy and undiscouraged (tato bhajeta mam pritah). Pritah may be a startling word here: The dictionary offers “pleased, delighted, satisfied, joyful, glad” as translations. According to the commentary, “The Lord here encourages such a devotee not to be overly depressed or morose but to remain enthusiastic and to go on with his loving service.””


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