U.P. Orders Clean-up of Mathura-Vrindavan Region Two comments…

U.P. Orders Clean-up of Mathura-Vrindavan Region

Two comments out of many that could be made.

How do you do this? I can’t imagine how you’d organise this having spent so much time in Vraja observing the sheer disfunctionality of the place. It is almost as if by design. I’m sure it can be done and I applaud the effort but the magnitude of the task is a huge challenge.

Cleanliness which is one of the four pillars of saintly (you could read sane life here) seems to be altogether missing. This probably goes for many parts of India, mind you. Keeping our surrounds clean and tidy is very much an activity of goodness. Something most people in India and Australia or anywhere in the world can appreciate and practice to some degree or another. But the size of the problem and the ignorance of the masses. Where would you start if you were in their shoes?

Maintenance is the activity of Lord Visnu who exemplifies the position of goodness. Yet, we see in the holy sites of Vraja which should be emblems of this principle, an almost complete lack of vision in this regard. What a wonderful attraction Vraja would be if this could be achieved?

My second point illustrates the first. Lufthansa understands the compelling nature of spiritual India. Ostensibly they are selling air travel. Not a particularly attractive proposition. Hours jammed in a constrained, smelly, noisy, uncomfortable place with people you don’t know and in most cases would prefer not to be with. But of course we put up with the inconvenience because of what it affords us.

It gives us the chance to approach the sacred and holy land of Vraja and gain the benefits derived thereof. So, look at the images used. Youthful meditators; bathed in golden sunlight in a pure and sattvik setting enjoying the enlightened surcharged atmosphere of spiritual India. That’s what I want and that’s what I buy when I book a ticket with Gaura Travel. That’s what I look forward to when I visit the sacred and holy land of Vraja. A chance to discover my self and associate with the holy and sacred residents there in the embassy of the spiritual world.

Keeping it clean is a challenge but a worthy goal to implore and enforce. Let’s see how they go about it and I for one wish them all success. It can be done. How they follow up the rhetoric with action will be interesting to see.


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