Sankirtana Picnic

We probably couldn’t have chosen a worse day for our Book Distribution Picnic. In my mind Anzac Day has always been a very cold and wet affair, more times than not. It didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the attendees who relished the opportunity for association, relaxation, some prizes and of course Acintya Rupa’s picnic lunch to close it off.

We’ll have it earlier in the New Year. This year was tight because of Gaura Purnima and other events being much closer to Christmas. Gaura Purnima will be much later in 2013. There is an almost six week gap between Janmastami and Radhastami this year instead of the usual two weeks.

Thanks to Acintya Rupa, Adrian and Sumant for their efforts and those unknown to me who helped organise the picnic. Thanks also to Nanda Mandir and Jayendra for arranging the scores and the prizes. Thanks to Prabhu for arranging the venue under tough circumstances.

Thanks also to the 120 plus devotees who participated in the Book Distribution Marathon and who distributed over 8,000 books in the month of December, 2011.

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