A little background to my Bhagavatam question.

How do you read the Bhagavatam? All the Sanskrit and word for word? Or, just the translation and purport?
I usually discipline myself to read the lot. It sometimes gives me the impression that I am just dawdling along but I have the benefit of associating with every aspect of Prabhupada’s presentation of the text. Lately after deciding to study the mood and purpose of certain personalities, specifically Vamanadeva and Varahadeva I decided to simplify, focusing on translation and purports only. That helps the flow and understanding of the pastimes and character of the personalities within.
My plan is to prepare an outline of the pastime, the highlights, the purpose and mood of the personalities and any personal realisations so I am prepared for the odd occasion when I might be called to speak on the topic. Often one is requested to speak on an appearance day without much warning and it is too late to do an in depth preparation.

Recently I was given an epub version of the Bhagavatam in which Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura’s commentary is appended to Srila Prabhupada’s purports. It is interesting to note that he analyses the words of the text in such a way that he occasionally produces up to three alternatives of the translation. I have always felt the importance of reading ‘the lot’ but given my purpose I suspect it is ok to move freely through the story and purports so as to absorb the storyline and philosophy more readily.

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