Creativity and thinking. More from Presentation Zen and John Cleese on getting away from it all.

Providing some elbow room for the mind to absorb and reflect also allows the intelligence to function properly. Even if we aren’t focusing on the problems at hand!

John Cleese makes an interesting comment refering to the old saying, “Let me sleep on it!” I’ve experienced this many times myself, most recently while contemplating topics for our next Bhagavad-gita study sessions at Krsnafest. I’d been giving it some conscious thought but wasn’t making much progress. At least that’s how I felt. After waking on Tuesday morning the solution came to me instantly. Check out the embedded video of John Cleese speaking on this topic in the article from Presentation Zen. Humourous and thought provoking.

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One of the main problems for many of use today is that we are always in a hurry and our minds are a bit scattered juggling many balls in the air. But if we are racing around all day with a busy mind, Cleese says, we are not going to have many creative ideas. We must slow down our minds to see the connections. There is some evidence that insights, for example, are best captured when we slow down, clear the noise and do not think about the problem at hand.Read more at

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