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Mark and the doughnuts

What do you think of when someone says the word, “Doughnut”? Fast food chains? Cops in a car pretending to “stake out a joint” while guiltily putting on the pounds? Perhaps Homer from the Simpsons saying, “Mmmm… sugary, fried, greasy treats…”

Whatever your thoughts are, the words “healthy” and “spiritual” probably aren’t amongst them.

Yet Doughnut Plant, one of the trendiest and most popular doughnut shops in New York City, has managed to make these words synonymous with its fare.

I’m glad to hear that this place is still going strong. I have fond memories of their fare from my last visit in 2007. Its one place I am looking forward to when we arrive later this week. The doughnuts are huge and delicious. Your stomach will hurt because you ate too many!

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