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This week at Hare Krishna Valley we continued with our planting of the broccoli and cauliflower crop. This now brings the total to 5,500 seedlings in the ground. We will begin picking the vegetables in the beginning of August, and will continue right through until the end of September.

I popped into the farm today dropping off Virabhadra Prabhu after a meeting at the Surf Coast Shire with the local strategic planning coordinator. We are working on our future plans and permits with them. On my way out Manigriva gave me a quick tour of the new plantings of cauliflower and broccholi. Last week they had planted 5,500 seedlings and I think now they have close to 7,000. We are going to be inundated with the vegetables in August and September. Wonderful.

You can see some really great shots of the market garden at the farm blog. Follow the link.

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