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Krishna needs to be complimented on his belated discovery that the 66,000 Indians who went to Australia last year on student visas aren’t exactly interested in rocket science and that they are unlikely to be short-listed in future for the Nobel Prize. Australia has cleverly used its education industry for two strategic ends. First, to earn itself a whopping Au$ 15 billion, of which the largest share comes from India, each year; and, second, to use bucket shops (masquerading as institutes of ‘higher education’) as a primary point of immigration.

I haven’t been looking closely at what the Indian media has been saying about Australia but I have to admit being a little nervous in India on my recent trip wondering what the reception might be like if my hosts discovered I was Australian. My fears were never realised since most people I meet are so respectful and appreciative of those who embrace their spiritual culture that I receive the red carpet treatment most of the time.

This column in the Sunday Pioneer really hits the nail on the head when it comes to understanding the principles of what is going on with Indian students in Australia.

When you participate in the culture of material competition then you must bear the burden of the consequences.

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