Insight… Looking within…: Head and Heart

At the conclusion of the text, He plainly states to Arjuna “Now I have imparted this knowledge to you, deliberate on it fully, and then do as you wish to do”. That really stood out. Far from being the fanatical God you may be expecting, Krishna really wants people to make an informed choice about life. He presents philosophy and lifestyle that can bring one to another level of consciousness… but He also knows that it can’t be forced upon anyone. You won’t find Krishna using any of the age-old fear tactics here.

A big deal for me was to give up my Christian childhood programming.

It was an eye opener to realise that spirituality existed outside of the milieu I was brought up in. The fear of exploring it and the consequences were difficult to overcome. That was when I was fifteen.

When I think about it I was scared about all of life and what it meant to be alive.

But this was a big one. What would God do to me if I strayed from the true path?

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