Pray for Jahnudvipa and Braja Sevaki

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my  humble obeisances _/ò_. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Here is an update as of 3:00 PM March 12 2009 India time on  the condition of Mayapur residents Sriman Jahnudvipa dasa from Denmark and  his wife Braja Sevaki dasi from Australia. They suffered a head-on crash  with a truck in the early hours of this morning on the way in to Kolkata,  at Madhyamgram just before the airport.

They and the  driver, a hired man who has worked for our Namahatta for many years, are  now in the Apollo hospital. They had brain scans because all of them had  head injuries, but fortunately the scans didn’t show any damage other than  bruising in Jahnu’s head.

The damage to Jahnu is  extensive and the doctors are not sure he will survive. Most of his bones  are broken, including his jaw, ribs, punctured lung, broken arms and  possibly hand, broken legs, and other injuries yet to be ascertained.   He was in almost the highest level of coma when he was admitted but that  has reduced and he is showing some signs of external consciousness. The  doctor was asked what the chances of full recovery were in cases as bad as  this and he was not optimistic. He said it was rare. His condition is  critical at this moment.

Braja Sevaki has facial and leg  injuries and was pulled from the wreckage unconscious. However she is fully  conscious now and spoke with Ramadevi dasi on the phone. Ramadevi has gone  into Kolkata to be with her.

The driver had both legs  crushed as well as many other injuries and lost a lot of blood. One of his  legs will probably have to be amputated.

Once again we  humbly request the assembled devotees to please pray for their well being  and speedy recovery.

Your humble  servant,

Hari-sauri  dasa

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