Bright Faces

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Humility is the ornament of a devotee

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The nature of a devotee is to sacrifice — Madhya Līlā 12.32

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Who is crazy?

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svādhyāya Nom. P. yāyati, to study, recite, read to (accusative)

Source: Sanskrit Dictionary

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From the introduction to the Bhagavad-gītā As It Is.

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Here’s why we leave our shoes at the door!

Dust. You can’t easily see it till there’s more than is good for your health. And its ingredients? You’ll be surprised!

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Updated to Chromium Edge

I just switched to the new Edge browser. Being able to add Chrome extensions is really cool but the feature I really like is connecting to Office 365 sites is super fast. You are logged into your accounts in the browser. It also works on all your mobile devices and shares history etc, among them as well.

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The second most consumable item in the world — sand!

These are not separate problems. They are all symptoms of the same problem, which is that we are just consuming too much.

“We’ve just got to find ways to build our cities and live our lives in ways that consume less, that are more sustainable.”

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Everything’s cooking down under

Everything’s cooking down under at the moment. This initiative using biogas by Maṇigrīva at Hare Krsna Valley is a big step forward. This burnt for an hour and a ¼ before he had to shut it down to do something else. He’s also working on electricity generation using bullock power. It takes effort but self sufficiency is doable. In the next video he’s going to show me how he compressed the gas into the bottle.

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