Check out this lady! Maṇigrīva found her in a pile of old wood…

Check out this lady!
Maṇigrīva found her in a pile of old wood in a long silk lined nest with a trapdoor on top. Not really dangerous to humans. Just looks very tough and mean. Maṇigrīva could feel her bite through the gloves he was wearing!

Here’s what the Victorian Field Guide says.

Mountain Funnelweb-spider – Teranodes montana

Brief Description
Large, dark-brown to black spider with five faint yellowish spots on abdomen and six spinnerets; leg-span to 10 cm.

Other Common Names
Six-tailed Funnelweb

Identifying Characteristics
Large, dark-brown to black spider with six finger-like spinnerets at the rear of the abdomen. Carapace (front upper shield) is black and shiny. Fangs are long and curved. Abdomen is ovoid and bears five pairs of faint yellowish spots on top; these are more distinct in young individuals. The front legs of the male have a curved spine on the lower side. Body-length of female 2 cm, male 1.7 cm; leg-span up to 10 cm.

Adults live in silk-lined tubes in rotting logs, whereas the immature spiders usually construct theirs under rocks. The top end of the tube is expanded into a small web. The egg-sac, resembling a pillow, is suspended in the tubular nest. Females may live for 5-10 years, but the males may not live this long since they die after mating.

Max Size (cm)


Risk to Humans
Venomous, but not highly dangerous to humans.


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