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I’ve just started using ITTT (If This Then That). I have been looking for a recipe to actually employ and found one which will really be useful. I’ve been meditating on how to do this since I started using Day One.

It will automatically post a copy of any post on my Tumblr blog to my WordPress blog. I’m currently utilising Day One for my journal. It works very well. A simple reminder at the end of the day prompts me to write which is an impetus, plus the bits that make it really handy; it can post your piece or a short cut to it automatically to one or all of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and the Day One blog itself. It will also provide me with a dashboard view of reads and likes for each location.

ITTT is a tool that triggers actions in the so called interweb world of things. With the right hardware and software connections you can create a recipe (the name for a combined trigger and response) to turn on the air conditioning at home when the temperature reaches 32° for example. It would come in handy today, it is 34° right now.

So in this case ITTT will automatically create an identical WordPress entry whenever Day One posts to Tumblr.

Let this entry be the proof!


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